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Comfort and freshness with bamboo fabrics !

Make comfortable clothes with our selection of bamboo jerseys, rib knits and french knits available in a variety of colours.

Bamboo jersey

Much appreciated for its softness, sheen and flowing effect, it’s perfect for lingerie, loungewear, dresses, even supple tops. Also try our bamboo rib knit, which beautifully blends with our jersey.

Bamboo rib knit

Bamboo rib knit is perfect for adding a little texture to your wardrobe. We love it for its medium weight, subtil sheen, flowing fit and incredible softness. It’s perfect for loungewear, dresses, fitted tops or to create nice rib trimming.

Véronik's look

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Bamboo french knit

Whether to be worn to yoga class, training or just to relax on the weekend, it definitely offers flexibility and softness. Thanks to its absorbent properties, it will also keep cool and dry in any weather.

Marie-Celeste and Gandalf's look

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