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OCTAV multi-purpose cloth

Soft, supple and pleasant to the touch, the OCTAV canvas is ideal for all your DIY decoration or clothing projects.

This fabric is designed and printed in Canada with sublimation to offer exceptional image quality; these trendy patterns will allow you to add a special touch to your home and clothes! Its high-quality polyester fiber composition gives it superior durability.


 100% Polyester

137cm / 54''

204 gsm

Designed and printed in Canada

Bedding, bag, cushion, curtains, tablecloth, non-sretch and soft clothing (Skirt, Jacket)

          Non-sretch and soft clothing (Skirt, Jacket)

Soft and supple

          Filter light

          Fluid drape

Unleash your creativity with OCTAV fabric, ideal for all your DIY and decoration projects. Whether it's for making curtains, creating accessories like cushions and bags, or even for more ambitious projects such as tablecloths, wall panels, floor mats, teepee canvases for children's rooms, or even for clothing! Soft, flexible, and pleasant to the touch, it's truly the perfect versatile and multi-purpose fabric.

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