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Whether you want to sew shorts, trendy pants, a light dress or a bag for your getaways, there is a twill for your project! 

Paloma Lightweight cotton twill

Introducing Paloma, our lightweight cotton twill, certified Oeko-Tex and available in a wide range of trendy colors. Exclusive to The Fabric Club, this is our lightest twill with a soft drape making it ideal for making dresses, skirts, shirts, children's clothing, or accessories such as bags or pouches. 

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Perfect patterns for Paloma twill
Wilo Utility Cotton Twill

Combining function with fashion, our utilitarian twill Wilo is exclusive to the Fabric Club! Surprisingly supple for its heavy weight, this twill has a soft drape making it very comfortable to wear. Our Wilo twill will be your best friend for a wide range of projects such as pants, jackets, workwear, outdoor clothing, overalls, structured skirts, bags, and much more! Use the utilitarian twill the same way you would use a non-stretch denim. Certified Oeko-Tex.

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Perfect patterns for Wilo twill
Lewis Stretch Cotton Twill

Introducing our Lewis Stretch Cotton Twill, exclusive to the Fabric Club. Great durability thanks to its twill weave, with spandex for stretch and comfort. Its brushed finish gives the fabric a matte effect as well as a beautiful softness to the touch. Ideal for chino style pants, jackets, lightweight coats, overalls, skirts, shorts, and children's clothing. 

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Perfect patterns for Lewis twill
Theo Organic Cotton Twill

Meet our exclusive organic cotton twill, Théo. Available only at the Fabric Club, this fabric offers a crisp hand, ideal for sewing accessories, bags, jackets, aprons, pants, and workwear. We love it for its certified organic cotton fiber, durable twill weave, and light satin effect. 

Team’s favorites!
Perfect patterns for Theo twill
Qu’est-ce que le twill ?

Dans cette vidéo, Nasha vous apprend tout ce que vous devez savoir sur nos twills de coton. 
Elle vous explique la différence entre nos 4 twills de coton exclusifs Club Tissus et vous donne des suggestions de projets à réaliser !

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Discover our inspirations and projects ideas for our exclusive twills.