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You are as passionate as we arebut no job offer suityou!   

Share your story and the role you would love to play. We never know!  

Our mission

Help sewing, textile projects and home decor enthusiasts live their passion to the fullest. 

Every morningwe come in to fuel our and our customer’s passion.  
Thanks to our team members that crave projectsknowledge-sharing and creativitywe can offer a unique in-store experience.   

It’s simple, we’re a bunch of enthusiasts getting together to share our passion with other enthusiasts! 

Our ambition

Revolutionize the retail working environment. 

We have committed, a few years back, to be a two-way business, which means: giving as much as we receive. We also aim at providing each employee with an experience in which to contribute and thrive in an enjoyable environment.


In order to contribute substantively to the professional and personal fulfilment of each and every colleague, we have created the Académie de développement et leadership

This training program is accessible to all employees and covers 3 themes:

  1. Knowing yourself and communicating
  2. Developing your potential and personality
  3. Energy and stress management

Our approach is to support every single person to find purpose in their role so they can contribute and have an empowering experience. Those are essential keys to fulfilment and enjoyment. 

Our pride

At The Fabric Club, we want to allow all employees to overcome the challenges related to work-life balance by taking measures to make sure our working conditions are adapted to today's reality and exceed our industry's standards. Our dream is to revolutionize the retail work environment.

"We decided to put employees at the heart of our decisions several years ago, and obtaining the Concilivi seal is another step in that direction," - Frédérik Guérin, President and CEO of The Fabric Club