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Quilt Battings

Choose the perfect batting for the quilt of your dreams. Discover the characteristics of our different types of battings.

Cotton batting

Made of natural fibres, cotton batting is appreciated for its softness and suppleness. It’s popular as it’s warm and comfortable. It is also perfect for hand and machine stitching.

Poly/cotton Batting

Poly/cotton batting combines the advantages of polyester and cotton to provide a comfortable, stable and durable fill.

Polyester Batting

Polyester keeps its shape and thickness better than other fibres and doesn’t shrink in the wash. It’s often the preferred option for people who suffer from allergies, as it’s mould, moisture and dust mite resistant.

Wool Batting

Wool batting is very light and is also much appreciated for its warmth, generated in part by its bulky appearance. By trapping air in its fibres, it creates an insulating barrier that keeps the warmth inside.

Bamboo Batting

The blend of bamboo and organic cotton makes for an ultra-smooth and very breathable batting. It’s said to be the high-end quilt batting. It produces an amazingly soft draping. This batting is very appreciated for hand stitching and is also excellent for machine stitching.

Everything to know about quilt batting

Valérie tells you all her secrets to you to choose the perfect batting for your quilt according to practical and aesthetic criteria.

Quilt batting on video! (French only)

In this video, Valérie shares her tips and tricks for selecting the best quilt batting to suit your taste and needs. After this video, batting will have no more secrets for you!

Watch the video