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The all-Purpose Dye by Rit is a simple and nontoxic way to bring the colour of your choice to washable natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, silk, ramie and modal as well as certain synthetics like nylon, rayon and viscose. All-purpose dye can also dye fabric blends that contains less than 35% of synthetic fibers. Perfect for garments, household items, and more.

What's the difference between liquid and powder dye?

Liquid dye is more concentrated than powder. One bottle of liquid equals about 2 boxes of powder. Liquid dye is easier for beginners, because it is already mixed with water and requires no special handling before being put in the dye bath. Powder dye needs to be dissolved in warm water before being put in the dye bath. A uniform and solid colour will be easier to achieve with liquid dye. But if you want to create a spotted and non-uniform look, you can use powder dye. It is also possible to achieve a wider range of colours with liquid dye by mixing different tints.

How do I determine how much dye I need?

The required quantity depends on the weight of the article you want to dye. One box of powder dye or half a bottle of liquid is enough to colour 1 pound (454 grams) of fabric, which is about 3 meters of lightweight fabric or 2 large adult t-shirts. To obtain a lighter colour, use less dye. For a darker or brighter colour, double the amount of dye.

You can estimate the weight of your item by using a kitchen scale. For larger items, weight yourself on a scale, then weigh yourself holding the item. The difference is the weight of your item. 

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Type Liquid dye
Colour Family Turquoise
Brand Rit
Quantity 236 ml
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